Edible Art

Art is not just drawing, painting, stitching etc... It can simply reflect in all what we do.

I see art everywhere and just love to put in a little creativity in all what I do. :)

Isnt it fun when food is presented artistically!!! :)

I still remember the days when my mom used to make me designer dosas to make me eat :)

Now its my turn to excite people and myself with food art :) Take a peep :)

food art10

Idly Cats! - I have used mini idlys for the body, pepper eyes, carrot mouth and spaghetti noodles for the mush :)
Ain't they cute?? :)

food art9

Fruit Rakhi - Used water melon, goa, apple & cherry

food art

Tomato dosa peacock - Used tomatoes, red chilly and dosa.

food art1

Tortilla chips and Salsa Flower arrangement

food art2
Zoo zoo biscuits - My love for Zoo zoo ;)

food art7

Channa butterfly - Used channa, garlic & red chilly

food art5
Capsicum frogs :P


Bitter guard alligator ;)


Corn flower decorations :)


Carrot flowers

food art4

Apple butterfly :)

food art3

Apple flower box :)


Chow Chow Slippers :)

Beets pulao

Beetroot rice flower vase - Carved the beetroot like flower & leaves and pressed down the rice with a bowl to make the vase. :)
You can find some more vegetable & fruit carvings in this post - http://nitsarts.blogspot.com/2009/05/fruit-and-vegetable-carving.html

Checkout the accompanying recipes at www.4thsensecooking.com

I am sending these to the Artsy-Craftsy-December 2010 event with the topic Edible art :)

I am also sending the vegetable & fruit carvings to "Create and Carve" event by Simply.food.