Crepe paper flowers

Crepe paper is another easy to use paper that can be used to make a lot of origami flowers. I made few for my vase. :)

The whole bunch before I could arrange them. :)

A closer look at my favorite ones. :)

Crepe roses

I just found an online tutorial for making these crepe roses. Do take a look and happy making.
The other flowers in this bunch were my own creation, hence I have to make a tutorial on my own and post it here. So kindly give me some time to present it to you.

I am happy to send this to the Arsty-Craftsy event.

Tissue Flowers

Tissue paper is the most convenient paper to make flowers since it is really flexible. I used toilet tissues to make these. :)

A very photography look of the flowers :)

Used white and yellow tissues for making these sweet ones. :)

Summer is for the flowers too.. :)

This is a little different version of the previous one. :)

Check out for the tutorial here.

Cookie paper flowers

These are waste paper made into pretty flowers.

As you all know muffins and cookies come with a butter paper below it packed neatly.. This paper is the one that I have used here to make these flowers. :)

This is my try of the idea inspired from my cousin Pavithra. :)

Paper Art

Paper art is my latest craze. :)

This one is a mere inspirational work from a great creator. Sorry i really don't know the origin though.

A spider crawled away from the paper ;)

Butterfly.. :)

Butterflies arising from a sheet of paper :)

One more snap of it :)

Fruit and Vegetable carving

This was for a contest at college culturals too.

The topic that was given to us was 'Yaathra' meaning 'The Journey'.

A cucumber boat :)

A yam train :)

A snake guard bridge with the entire scenery around :)

Apple swans that I made :)

Bag It

Bag it was a contest again at college.

They gave me 1 meter cloth, 1 day to stitch bags to my taste, 1 hour on spot to design the bags. :)

This was my outcome.

I stitched totally 6 bags in the given 1 meter cloth.

One hand bag that i stitched with the given material. Decorated it with kundhan stones and 3d designer outlining.

Mobile pouch, a accessory pouch and a wallet all having matching patterns with kundhan stones and 3d outliner designing.

A stylish college back bag.

The topic for designing was Nakshtra(zodiac). So I used just two colors the black(sky) and white(stars) to design it.

Creative Kolam

I did this for a contest at college. A creative kolam on glass. I used the beetle leaves, agarbathi, turmeric and beetle nut for designing the peacock feathers. :)

Tanjore Art

Tanjore art is one of the most traditional art form of South India. This needs a lot of dedication, time and cost.

The paintings are notable for their adornment in the form of semi-precious stones, pearls, glass pieces and gold. The rich vibrant colors, dashes of gold, semi-precious stones and fine artistic work are characteristics of these paintings. They add beauty and culture to a variety of surroundings and d├ęcor. The paintings are mostly of Gods and Goddesses.

This is Ashtabuja Ganapathi(Eight hands) that I tried.

Water color and Oil pastels Art

Water colors are the first kind of paints anyone would have used. My school introduced those tablet shaped water based paints to me when I was in 2nd grade. :) I still love to use them.. they are fun and easy to work with. :)

A Simple mud house street.

Beach view houses :)

oil pastels are one exaggerated version of our own crayons.. :) This is a little more oily and smooth to use..

A hot sunny day!

Mehandi desings

I had passion for different things and they were very seasonal ones..

This was the season when I was crazing for mehandi the art of drawing on hand with henna.. :) Here are few clicks I could find in my large collection of pics.

Thats my hand with the detailed design of traditional mehandi :)

A larger view of the same design

The do was for my sisters engagement.. Could not find the front view pic :(


Arabic Mehandi on my hand :)

My friend's engagement mehandi :)

A holiday time pass on my hand :)

One other friend's engagement Arabic mehandi :)

Simply a do on my cousin's hand :)

Glass Painting

Glass painting was my first time pass. :) Did these when I completed my schooling.

Modern art girl :)

Peacock. was so unfortunate with this. It broke the moment I completed it. :(

Special Occations Kolam

I have a lot of passion for drawing and so for kolam too.

I always feel nothing should limit out creativity, and the same implies for kolam for me. I generally don't prefer to draw between dots. Free hand is my style. :)

Here are few outcomes of my passion. :)

New year kolam.

This is one of my most naughtiest ones. ;)

As I am a Telugu girl, this occasion is a special one for me.

A rainy day at Chennai. :) Hey that is definitely a special occasion for us. :)

Thai thirunal special one :)

What is next??? Maatu pongal special :)

Onam special :)

A very leisure day at home :)

Kaarthigai special Velaku kolam :)

Isn't this a special occasion?!.. YES it is.. Jai Ho ARR!

Independence day special :)

I respect friendship. :)

Diwali is the most enjoyable festival. A special one for that day :)

I love Chennai.. :) (August 22nd)