Paper Lotus

I have still not lost interest in folding papers. :)

Here is my next one.

I loved the tiny ones too :)

Approximately 1 pink and 1 green a4 sheet is required for making this one.

You can find the tutorial here.

Paper Daisies

The next of my tries with paper is these cute little Daisies. I fondly call them fan flowers.

They are pretty easy to make.. The only challenge lies in sticking it to a wire. It took time for me to do that. Otherwise its a cake walk to make it.

I love the pattern so much, the cuteness lies in the quilled center part. :)

My favorite bunch :)

A location change ;)

Guess what??? I used a pepper pot as a vase for these flowers. I've Put each of them in one hole of the pot :)

Do take a look at this link for the tutorial: Paper Daisies