Paper Wallet

Paper is again my favorite tool to make new things. This time it was a wallet for me. :)

It was so simple to make and its absolutely comfortable to carry. But next time I make one, I should see to that I get a nice water proof paper. ;)

I have done a pen drawing butterfly on the wallet to make it look interesting.

This would be the front side of the wallet.

It can easily hold a lot of money and cards too. :)

A one fold paper wallet :)

You can find a youtube video tutorial of it here.

Tiny Paper Bags

Saw a simple tutorial for making small paper bag.. Tried my hand over it. :)

Kay the cutest rabbit of mine in a paper bag. :)

You can find the tutorial at:


I just love origami. Its so much fun to create things with paper. This is one of my favorite work of mine. I enjoyed doing it. Saw this tutorial on a tv show and was so thrilled about it. Took two days to complete.

It took around 32 A4 sheets and 260 foldings to complete this one. :)

The elegant swan

Just found a video tutorial for making this swan. Take a look and happy making too. :)

I am sending this to the creative craft event conducted by Kavitha of Kalalayaa art club. :)