Tiny Quilled Flower Pots

Quilling flowers1

Hi all!!! Its pretty long since I posted anything at all in this blog. But the much needed break was taken to get back with an art attack.

I should confess that I have been a bit busy, bit too lazy :P, touring and so on that I could not post much. :( Its time to get back to the art spree that I used to be in. So you will be able to see more updates soon :)

For the best get back, I put my foot into the quilling world and its truly exciting :)

Quilling flowers

These miniature quilled flower pots are too attractive and very simple to make :)

The double fringed flowers are easy breezy to make and look classic for these kinds of pots.

Inna's creations
was the blog that inspired me too much to get into quilling. One should for sure peep into her site to see her amazing creations that made me awestruck.

The tutorial for the double fringed flower is right here.

Quilling flowers3

I rolled the double fringed flower on a wooden toothpick and quilled a paper strip at the other end of the toothpick to make the pot. Last was the leaf, which is nothing but two tear drop pattern quilling stuck to the stem of the plant. :)

Simple isn't it??? :)

Quilling flowers2

I made this bunch of flower pots and gifted them to my blogger friends during the bloggers meet few months back :)