Edible Art

Art is not just drawing, painting, stitching etc... It can simply reflect in all what we do.

I see art everywhere and just love to put in a little creativity in all what I do. :)

Isnt it fun when food is presented artistically!!! :)

I still remember the days when my mom used to make me designer dosas to make me eat :)

Now its my turn to excite people and myself with food art :) Take a peep :)

food art10

Idly Cats! - I have used mini idlys for the body, pepper eyes, carrot mouth and spaghetti noodles for the mush :)
Ain't they cute?? :)

food art9

Fruit Rakhi - Used water melon, goa, apple & cherry

food art

Tomato dosa peacock - Used tomatoes, red chilly and dosa.

food art1

Tortilla chips and Salsa Flower arrangement

food art2
Zoo zoo biscuits - My love for Zoo zoo ;)

food art7

Channa butterfly - Used channa, garlic & red chilly

food art5
Capsicum frogs :P


Bitter guard alligator ;)


Corn flower decorations :)


Carrot flowers

food art4

Apple butterfly :)

food art3

Apple flower box :)


Chow Chow Slippers :)

Beets pulao

Beetroot rice flower vase - Carved the beetroot like flower & leaves and pressed down the rice with a bowl to make the vase. :)
You can find some more vegetable & fruit carvings in this post - http://nitsarts.blogspot.com/2009/05/fruit-and-vegetable-carving.html

Checkout the accompanying recipes at www.4thsensecooking.com

I am sending these to the Artsy-Craftsy-December 2010 event with the topic Edible art :)

I am also sending the vegetable & fruit carvings to "Create and Carve" event by Simply.food.

Kaarthigai Rangoli


Wish you all a happy Kaarthigai Deepam :)


This is my rangoli for the festival. I tried my hands on colors this time :) Took almost an hour to complete it :)

The technique of this rangoli is to first sieve the colors in concentric circles using a tea strainer and then going ahead with the design using white kolam powder :)

Simple isn't it!!! :)

Wordless Wednesday - Sweety Pie :)


You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum
Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie
You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop
Snoogums-Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye
And I love you so and I want you to know
That I'll always be right here
And I love to sing sweet songs to you
Because you are so dear :)


Couldn't stop writing for this post since he is my adorable sweety pie. Mr.A is the little son of my best buddy :)

Clicked his portfolio few weeks back ;) It was my first try as well :)

Wordless Wednesday - A busy man

Busy man3

Few words about this column(exempted since its the first week :P) - Photography is an art on its own way and its my new born interest too :) Yupeeee I love to click :)

Hence wordless wednesday column will keep my blog alive every week with my photographic trials. :)

Hope you guys would enjoy it :)

Tiny Quilled Flower Pots

Quilling flowers1

Hi all!!! Its pretty long since I posted anything at all in this blog. But the much needed break was taken to get back with an art attack.

I should confess that I have been a bit busy, bit too lazy :P, touring and so on that I could not post much. :( Its time to get back to the art spree that I used to be in. So you will be able to see more updates soon :)

For the best get back, I put my foot into the quilling world and its truly exciting :)

Quilling flowers

These miniature quilled flower pots are too attractive and very simple to make :)

The double fringed flowers are easy breezy to make and look classic for these kinds of pots.

Inna's creations
was the blog that inspired me too much to get into quilling. One should for sure peep into her site to see her amazing creations that made me awestruck.

The tutorial for the double fringed flower is right here.

Quilling flowers3

I rolled the double fringed flower on a wooden toothpick and quilled a paper strip at the other end of the toothpick to make the pot. Last was the leaf, which is nothing but two tear drop pattern quilling stuck to the stem of the plant. :)

Simple isn't it??? :)

Quilling flowers2

I made this bunch of flower pots and gifted them to my blogger friends during the bloggers meet few months back :)

Craft teachers wanted for vocational school

A teacher affects eternity:
he can never tell where his influence stops.
Henry Adams

Hello buddies... Mrs.D, a friend of mine is planning to start a vocational school soon. The aim of the school is to get their students ready with skills that would help them earn their living. They would be targeting on students who have completed 12th and would like to start a small scale business on their own.

They are planning to train them on skills like carpet weaving, wood working/carpentry and other craft oriented subjects.

Isn't it a great idea to help such youngsters come up in life??!!! Yes, the school's dream of helping people would come true with the help of qualified teachers.

They are keenly looking out for such aspirant teachers who can join hands with them. It would be good if they are an expert in one craft(or more) provided that it results in a salable product. Kindly comment back to this post and also mail back to craftberg at gmail dot com if you know teachers who would be interested, or even if you would like to be a part of it.

Remember that, You too can influence someone's life! :)

Mehandi - to break the break :)


It has been a really long gap since these hands ever did something creative.. aha.. why say so!!!! may be something on purely art side.

Yes... its really true. I have been a little too lazy and off mood for quite some time now. But I really need to break the break. So here is a small post of two mehandi designs that I did on my own hands.

The first one was a very quick try(hardly 10 mins) that I did last night out of sheer sleeplessness. Its a very simple Arabic design.


The one below was done months back when boredom struck me. A simple yet modern design. I love peacocks in mehandi. Very versatile bird that looks good how ever you try to depict it :)


Reading :)

Little girl
"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body"

Given a chance to rewind twenty years of my life, the only practice that I would have liked to incorporate is reading. :)

I am not sure if I regret not reading. But may be I would have been wiser, brighter, more intellectual and so on..

I just thought if everyone loved reading, there are not enough books in the world and quit reading. (ha ha ha I'm just fishing for an excuse ;) )

I rather choose to scribble and now I know to draw ;)

Little girl1

Just realized that my food blog - "www.4thsensecooking.com" is being fed well while my art blog has been starving for quite some time. :(

So here is my little scribble done just to eat my time up and feed my passionate blog ;)

Hoorayyyyy I won it :)


I won a contest!!!!!!!!!! Hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. I am jumping in joy.. :) :) :)

Its like more than a year since I won any art contest. Those are golden college days, when I used to participate in any kind of contest that comes up, just to keep up my spirit and of course won a few as well. :)

The latest and the best is the one I received now.

I took part in the "Arsty Craftsy Feb 2010" event conducted by Mindful Meanderings blog.

The contest topic was paper crafts - one of my favorite topics and I had sent a few entries to it, out of which My Tiny Paper Bags won the first place with highest votes. :)

Thanks a million for voting for me friends. I am so glad and encouraged by your gesture. Would surely keep up to your expectations and would post more. :)

Should I stop with that.. No way..

Shruti the blogger behind Mindful Meanderings, a very talented women I should say, was so sweet to pass on goodies to me for winning her contest.

Here it goes. A lovely hand made card that she did for me, made my day :)


Not just that, she had also sent me a Windmill moving model book that I just LOVED to make. :) I know its meant for kids, but its good to turn into a kid once in a while and I did it now. :)

Perhaps, its really not that easy to make. It needs a lot of patience to make it. I took two days to complete it and I am loving the outcome.

The windmill is occupying a lovely place in my showcase now. :)

Thanks a million Shruti for giving me such a cute gift. :) Its encouraging me to work more for your forthcoming projects and contests. :)


Since I have been flaunting about the prize that I won recently, I just thought I would share with you all a picture of the awards that I had got during my college days :)

Click on the pic to get a bigger and better view if you are interested ;)

I won those trophies in various genres of contests.

I used to love to go blah blah on stage forever, so lots of them are my winnings in talk shows, debates and adzap event. Then of course many in art contests.

Hey ppl... did I tell you that I leant Classical music for 10 long years!!!! ;) if not, let me convey that now. :) Since I know to sing, I won few prizes in light music as well.

Some in paper presentations and quiz contests etc... :)

I was awarded as the "Best Outgoing Student" for my Bachelors as well as Masters ;) and was awarded as the "Best Entrepreneur" for the stall that I had put in my college bazaar. :)

Friends, a humble request. The voting for the next challege is up in Mindful Meanderings. Kindly take a look at this post and vote for your favorite puppet. :)

The last entry - " Cat Puppet " is my entry for the event. Vote for me if you like the entry. :) Thank you in Advance. :)