Fruit and Vegetable carving

This was for a contest at college culturals too.

The topic that was given to us was 'Yaathra' meaning 'The Journey'.

A cucumber boat :)

A yam train :)

A snake guard bridge with the entire scenery around :)

Apple swans that I made :)


elan said...

kalakura da.

Dhanya Nambirajan said...

All the works you have done is amazing. Luved the carnation with the tissue paper. Pls do put some tutorial so we can alos learn some of these awesome works.

Nithya said...

sure will work over the tutorials soon.. :)

Swarna Prabhu said...

Awesome... nice n Creative

koneru said...

all the works u have done are amazing.i also got to make .plz put some tutorials to learn.

Subha said...

Hi ya, Amazingly done.. Recently went to Turkey and in one restaurant they present their dessert similar to yours.. . Like swan with bannana as the body and apple as you did for wings... and other fruits as water ..

also melon surprise- melon cut into two pieces and one part used as a lid and the other as the bottom part in which icecream was served.. yummy with melon..

Great work dear.. All the best..

MindfulMeanderer said...

Send these in for the artsy-craftsy na :)