Color Pencil Art

Color pencils have always fascinated me so much. Love to use them.

Dad used to remind me the days when he got me the first pack and I very naughtily ruined the the walls by drawing all sized zeros :) ;) .

Many people have been my inspiration, lots of drawings have been my models.

So here are few that I tried and wanted to share.

Loose control... what more to say..Rang De Basanti poster by my hands :)

Villages are more interesting for me when it comes to drawing :)


Parita said...

Wow the first one is awesome..for me too villages are more interesting and you do a lot more with different colors :)

Swarna Prabhu said...

Really good

Preethi Sriram said...


Wonderful creations yar... i hope even i can start mine now... thanks for your motivation which i have got from yours...