I love to draw and this interest has been there in me right from my childhood. I could not preserve much of my kid time art works but I have the ones I did last year. I am projecting them here for the expert as well as novice comments. After all the small effort of yours as comments would help me to improve in large extent. :)

Wood house... wish to own one... ;)


A beautiful village

My first and last portrait. I really dunno who she is.. :)


Pavithra said...

All the pictures are superb nithya.. Yah i know u have good talent and done amazing job dear, keep it up .. Actually i am in the process of making blog for aadavan ... it will come soon this week.

Parita said...

The portrait looks like kajol..atleast the eyes and eyebrows :) love the first house..i too wish to live there :)