Peacock Series

Peacocks are one best species that suits Kolam a lot. They are my favorite bird in all sense. Here are few of my innovation of this beautiful bird. :) I used to organize kolams as weeks. Most of it here are from my peacock series week.

Larger version of a peacock done for my Uncle's 60th Birthday function

I incorporate a lot of mehandi designs in my kolam.

This is my all time favorite version of a peacock. :)

Mehandi peacock on my kolam.

One of my favorites :)

A simple peacock


Parita said...

OMG..lovely peacock are truly an artist dear

Veda Murthy said...

wow beautiful!!!!!its wonderful u r blog a lot...following it now! thank u so much for ur compliments on my blog!

n33ma said...

you are so immensely talented.

YummyRecipes said...

Hi nithya, I just loved ur kolams.they r wonderfull.I am also interested in drawing kolams and waiting to learn more designs from u.

Nithya said...

hey wat a woman u r ....such a multi-talented girl u r.probably girls with this name may be like that.friends here in qatar says iam multi-talented.but i feel so small in front of u da..what recipes, mehendhi,arts,kolams,photography my goodness.may god give u all the happiness in this world to make us all happy with ur lovely creations...