Special Occations Kolam

I have a lot of passion for drawing and so for kolam too.

I always feel nothing should limit out creativity, and the same implies for kolam for me. I generally don't prefer to draw between dots. Free hand is my style. :)

Here are few outcomes of my passion. :)

New year kolam.

This is one of my most naughtiest ones. ;)

As I am a Telugu girl, this occasion is a special one for me.

A rainy day at Chennai. :) Hey that is definitely a special occasion for us. :)

Thai thirunal special one :)

What is next??? Maatu pongal special :)

Onam special :)

A very leisure day at home :)

Kaarthigai special Velaku kolam :)

Isn't this a special occasion?!.. YES it is.. Jai Ho ARR!

Independence day special :)

I respect friendship. :)

Diwali is the most enjoyable festival. A special one for that day :)

I love Chennai.. :) (August 22nd)


Pavithra said...

Every thing is so fantastic nithi ,it is difficult to comment on each thing..superb keep it up.. keep going.

Jennifer said...

Nithya, You are truly and inspired woman!

These designs are amazing. I love the pongal ones, especially Mattu Pongal. Gosh that cow is just too cute!

I love the Onapookkalam, the color scheme is very catchy.

Swarna Prabhu said...


Matangi Mawley said...

Kudos!! Loved the I love ARR one! :D

viji said...

I happened to visit to your blog.
Really i want to appreciate you and writing to this.
You are very near me. Yes I think you are at Chennai and me too at Ashoknagar. But sitting at USA I am browsing your blog.
The Kolams!!!!!!!!!!
really fentastic.
Then the love for your mom and grandmom
Really they are lucky.
(Me too at your moms age I suppose).
So I am feeling jelous that I dont have a daughter or granddaughter like you.
Keep it up kanna. Do more. I love you dear.

நொந்தகுமாரன் said...

Thanks for Photo for my writings.