Fresh On Floor :)

I just love the art of kolam and here are few that I did recently.

This one was done on Vinayagar Chathurthi day to decorate the entrance.

I guess I was too happy on that day :):)

This one was for Naga chathurthi celebration. Notice the corners with the snake look.

One more line art kolam :)

Bunch of flowers

A welcome bouquet

Paper Lilly

Back again with papers. This time I badly wanted to beg, borrow or steal origami papers to make flowers. But thank God.. I could some how find a shop in Chennai that sells these papers. :)

Got loads of colors and now folding all the time :) Absolutely obsessed :)

Here is the result of it

My paper lilies

The whole smiling bunch of lilies

4 colors, 6 papers and 12 flowers :)

Side look

Could not stop liking this pic :)

Here you go for the video tutorial to make these pretty flowers :)