Edible Art

Art is not just drawing, painting, stitching etc... It can simply reflect in all what we do.

I see art everywhere and just love to put in a little creativity in all what I do. :)

Isnt it fun when food is presented artistically!!! :)

I still remember the days when my mom used to make me designer dosas to make me eat :)

Now its my turn to excite people and myself with food art :) Take a peep :)

food art10

Idly Cats! - I have used mini idlys for the body, pepper eyes, carrot mouth and spaghetti noodles for the mush :)
Ain't they cute?? :)

food art9

Fruit Rakhi - Used water melon, goa, apple & cherry

food art

Tomato dosa peacock - Used tomatoes, red chilly and dosa.

food art1

Tortilla chips and Salsa Flower arrangement

food art2
Zoo zoo biscuits - My love for Zoo zoo ;)

food art7

Channa butterfly - Used channa, garlic & red chilly

food art5
Capsicum frogs :P


Bitter guard alligator ;)


Corn flower decorations :)


Carrot flowers

food art4

Apple butterfly :)

food art3

Apple flower box :)


Chow Chow Slippers :)

Beets pulao

Beetroot rice flower vase - Carved the beetroot like flower & leaves and pressed down the rice with a bowl to make the vase. :)
You can find some more vegetable & fruit carvings in this post - http://nitsarts.blogspot.com/2009/05/fruit-and-vegetable-carving.html

Checkout the accompanying recipes at www.4thsensecooking.com

I am sending these to the Artsy-Craftsy-December 2010 event with the topic Edible art :)

I am also sending the vegetable & fruit carvings to "Create and Carve" event by Simply.food.


Roshan said...

fabulous piece of art with idlis.....i like the tail and moustache....

MindfulMeanderer said...

Awesome entries nits :)

Lakshmi said...

creativity at its height Nithya!! u made me to remember those days whn we used to play so many tricks to make the kids to eat..alphabet dosa is one among thmm..
all the best!!

Shama Nagarajan said...

cute beautiful crafts

Manjulaprabakaran said...

Beautiful... :)

AshKuku said...

Mind Blowing!!!! Hey kindly send them to Nayana's event.. It has got to do something with this art.... Aah! Here is the link to it..... U r just amazing.... God Bless!!!!


Don't forget to enter..... Hugs))))


Purnima@a creative project said...

wow.. Amazing!! Loved them all especially the apple jar!! Lovely!!
have a nice weekend!!!

simply.food said...

These are so cute and amazing thanks for this awesome entry.

kbr said...

wow great job

Sudha - Art Admirer said...

Awesome, Creative works n so yummy too.

g.aruljothiKarikalan said...

beautiful creativity... a creator make beautiful whatever they see u are such a person...

ಪುಟ್ಟಿಯ ಅಮ್ಮ said...

These are amazing!!

kiran said...

innovative thoughts....!!!

beautiful art and colorful pics nitya..:)

keep rocking.. :)!!

Vidhya Ganesan said...

Simply superb Nithya!

Abhilash Pillai said...

superb Nithya! Great designs... you creatives can design from anything...

Saw a sandwitch decoration recently in a movie called break ke baad... that came into mind when I saw your decorations.

Sasmita said...

I love the capsicum frogs & slippers most.... lovely food decoration, Nice Nithya!!!!

Always Happy said...

what a talent Nithya! I cant decide which one is the best...perhaps bitter gourd alligator and capsicum frog...na..I think all of them are very very good.

Rajlakshmi said...

thats fantabulous... :D brilliant piece of art :D

Giribala said...


Swaram said...

Simply beautiful!

Swaram said...

Beautiful entries. Lovvvvved the flowers with corn and coriander the most!

Matangi Mawley said...

Excellent Nithya!!! esp- loved the chow chow slippers.. apple box... capsicum frog and peacock dosa! amazing!!

Arumugarajaa arunasalam said...

wonderful creations....

Craftkid said...

Hi Nithya,
Saw your blog! I'm astonished! U have an artistic hand girl! Good work! Keep going! Best wishes!