Pencil Drawing - Little Village

Little village

Touching my pencils after a year. Its making me feel fresh and nice again. :)

This is a little village that came to my mind when I thought of sketching. Used Microtip pencil for the dark outlines and 6B pencil to do the light shadings. :)

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15 Responses
  1. wow..look @ the shadow of that fence....nice details...awesome work dear...completely mind blowing!very nice..

  2. Fantastic buddy, you are a true artist!

  3. very nice drawings nithya..

  4. My goodness..what a superb drawing dear :)...ohh i am really sitting here and admiring ur pic :)..
    i personally love to pencil draw but cant do that perfectly..guess i have to work on it lot more..

  5. Lovely drawing...and as Sowmya said, nice detailing..... I know u love villages in your drawings..... Yes! There are so many things a creator can think of when he draws a village in his creations..... Many details, unlike anything else.... SPLENDID WORK!!!! Nitya....


  6. really really nice Nithya.. suerb :) :)

  7. Great work Nithya... am totally a fan of all those who sketch... wish i cud do so as well :(

    very well done...


  8. gravatar PJ

    aha, looks very good! nice clean work and very beautiful. I picked up pencil after a long long while too (guess for what, food blog!) it was a lot of fun and now I have vowed to myself to not let acrylics take over my pencil :)

  9. very nice work nithya...theres some charm in drawing villages isnt it? its just subtle n beautiful!!!!!!!thanks 4 stopping by my blog


  10. Awesome gal... Love the fine details and shading :)

    Btw, did you go for some drawing class or something? I went for just a day when I was in school and came back running ;) back then I was least interested in these things.. But now...

  11. Never attended any classes buddy.. It comes just by interest and practice. :)

  12. A lovely drawing, I thnik!!

    I don't draw but my husband does it for ages,...

  13. pleasant one...very nice... :)

  14. nothing different in this sketch of a need more hardwrk dear!!!!